02 December 2016

VEH: Comparing energy saving monitors

‘Vereniging eigen huis’ will publish an article about energy saving monitors in december.

Knowing about your energy consumption starts with measuring it. Off course, pen and paper will work, but who really wants to get a good insight in his energy consumption nowadays, can use an app, website or diplay. If you put in a little bit of effort, you can save energy. This is how the article about energy saving monitors in the magazine of ‘Vereniging eigen huis’ starts. Vereniging eigen huis has, on their own initiative, reviewed a lot of energy saving monitors. Test results can be found on their website: CEMM was very well received by them. On you can read more about what makes CEMM such a good solution.

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10 February 2017

CEDEL BV and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With our energy monitoring system (CEMM) we encourage football club LTC in Assen to save energy.

22 November 2016

Research from the ‘Planbureau voor de leefomgeving’ has pointed out that energy saving results from a smart energy meter are disappointing. Furthermore they conclude that using an energy usage manager like the CEMM does lead to good energy saving results.