22 November 2016

Smart energy meter: save energy with an energy usage manager

Research from the ‘Planbureau voor de leefomgeving’ has pointed out that energy saving results from a smart energy meter are disappointing. Furthermore they conclude that using an energy usage manager like the CEMM does lead to good energy saving results.

You have to know where you can save money before you can take action. ‘Vereniging Eigen Huis’ (The¬†Homeowners Association) pleads for the use of energy usage managers to give people insight in their energy usage, thus making saving opportunities as clear as possible. The CEMM is an energy usage manager which can give these insights to anyone with a smart energy meter, in realtime. The results of this investigation can be found here. More information about our energy usage manager can be found on

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10 February 2017

CEDEL BV and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With our energy monitoring system (CEMM) we encourage football club LTC in Assen to save energy.

02 December 2016

‘Vereniging eigen huis’ will publish an article about energy saving monitors in december.