Street light on solar energy

Next to highway E18 near Tvedestrand, Norway, Cedel has installed an autonomous street light.

The autonomy of this system is guaranteed. Even under harsh conditions, like nearly 9 days with almost no sunlight in Norway, the system manages to produce at least 5 hours of light per day. This street light is outfitted with a 20 Watt, 2000 lumen lamp. On the location it was installed in Norway there was no power grid connection, thus making this a cheap solution.

The system can be placed anywhere and, depending on the requests of the user, it can be fitted with cameras, WiFi, different lights, electric fencing and traffic signs, making it completely modular. It can even be joined with a mobile work unit which can function independently!

The street light doesn’t have to be connected to the power grid. Because of it’s battery it’s completely autonomous. Our street light can be fitted with a solar panel with LED lighting and battery and also with an energy monitoring system (CEMM). There are many possible configurations. All of them are about saving¬†energy and that’s what we are going for at Cedel.

Are you interested in one of these street lights? Make an appointment to see what’s possible for you.