30 April 2018

Cedel autonomous solar system for Norwegian kayak tour

Cedel has delivered a high end autonomous solar system in a case. The system will be used in a Norwegian kayak tour of more than 3000 km.

A Norwegian organization called ‘HeltVilt’ organised a kayak tour of more than 3000 kilometers. The tour starts at North Cape on 1 May 2018, after which the tour will be going south along the entire Norwegian coastline divided in multiple stages. After a few months, the tour ends in Sponvika, a small town in the south of Norway, close to the Swedish border.

During the tour, both sailors need power to charge their phones, an iPad for navigation, cameras and an emergency beacon. For this, they need a reliable and water proof autonomous solar system. After searching, HeltVilt contacted Cedel and asked if we could provide them with a solution. Which we could, in the form of the ‘Cedel Solar Case’.

The Cedel Solar Case is a rugged, waterproof case with a battery and all the necessary equipment to charge the sailors devices. The included 80 Wp solar panel is easy to connect and provides enough power to keep the battery charged during every stage.

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