About Cedel

Cedel is an engineering agency occupied with the engineering and development of complex projects regarding renewable energy.

Knowledge and experience are important factors in the ever expanding world of renewable energy. New methodologies and techniques are continuously being developed. For example, Remco de Vries, technical director at Cedel, has gained more than 25 years of experience in research and development of solar panels, convertors and related electronics at Shell Solar.
He carried out projects all over the world within this scope and was later involved in the development of so called ‘hybrid systems’, a combination of solar panels and wind power. Off course there are more engineers at Cedel, each with specific qualities; in the scope of fuel cells for example.


Next to all knowledge and experience it is important to be familiar with the actual results of existing and new techniques so proper advice can be given. For this the old Dutch saying: “measuring is knowing” is still very relevant.

Engineers of Cedel closely co-operate with students of the ‘Hanze Hogeschool’ in Groningen on these innovations and developments. For example in the field of electrical engineering (electronics and mechatronics) . You can read more about this on our projects page.